Free services for hotels

23.07.2013 07:07 Dear colleagues! You can place all the information about your hotel for free on the tourist portal – OFHOTELS.
To do this you need to register choosing your hotel in the proposed list.
Free time is available for 7 days from the date of registration and creating of your private office of the hotel. For free, you can edit an existing hotel or add a new one if it is absent. What can you add to the card for Free?
– All the information about this hotel: the infrastructure, services, rooms, the nearest places of interest, attractions that are next to, the distance from the airport, railway stations, bus stops and the information about the beach.
– 12 photographs of infrastructure, the logo of the hotel, 2 photos for 1 room.
– Add a "Share" that is taking place in the hotel, and the information about actions is duplicated in the tab "Shares" on all pages of the portal, and will be sent to the E-mail to all registered users on our portal.
– Add a "News" of the hotel, which is available in the hotel card and will be automatically sent to the E-mail addresses of all registered users of OFHOTELS.
– In the tab "Rooms" once put down the cost of the room (Fig. 1)
– You get the icon of a participant of the portal - OFHOTELS to the site of the hotel, with a reference to the card of your hotel.
After the end of the 7 day free period, the access to the hotel card will be blocked.
All information will be added to our website and will work for you forever!
The choice of a tourist depends on the completeness of the information.
After you finish editing, travel companies, who have expressed a desire to represent your hotel, will be added in a hotel card (Fig. 2).

How to register and find your hotel?
In the upper right corner there is the link "Registration", choose "Hotelier", choose the country, your hotel (if the hotel is not found, below prescribe the title by hand) and fill all the remaining fields, put down a tick in paragraphs where you agree with the rules of the site and the processing of personal information , and click the button to register.

Also there is a paid form of cooperation.
$ 100 for a period of one year.
What do you get if you place your information for f fee?
– Unlimited adding, editing of information about the hotel.
– Unlimited adding photos, changing information about the room fund of the hotel.
– Unlimited addition of the "Shares" appears in the hotel card and the tab "Shares" on all pages of the site, as well daily, is automatically sent to all registered users of the portal - OFHOTELS.
– Unlimited addition of the "News" is stored in the card of the hotel and every day automatically sent to all registered users of the portal - OFHOTELS.
– Unlimited editing of the cost per room.
– Unlimited choice of the best reviews.
– Ability to leave comments on the responses of tourists about your hotel.

Why is paid form better than free one?
Let's start with the fact that the monthly fee 100 y.e. a year is not such a big sum to ponder.
– A huge audience of Russian speaking tourists sees your hotel with all descriptions and photos.
– Hundred thousands of registered users of the portal – OFHOTELS receive the information about your "Shares" and "News" for free every day.
– If on the website of the hotel there is not enough information in Russian, tourists can pass on the icon of the participant portal - OFHOTELS to the hotel card and get it .
– With the hotel card there will be attached travel agencies selling your hotel to tourists (Fig. 2).
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