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01.08.2013 12:08 Dear proprietors, directors and marketers of hotels and hotel chains.
The tourist information portal «OFHOTELS» opens its doors to you and offers two options of mutually beneficial collaboration:
We will start with the chargeable hotel promotion tariff called «Optimal», because in our view it has more potential to advance the Russian tourist market. The subscriber fee for such marketing support and personal account service for a hotel is just $100 per year.
What advantages does the hotel get from paying this advertising tariff?
- Unlimited editing and inclusion of all the points listed below in the free tariff «Carefree».
- Free automatic daily postings of hotel special offers and hotel news to our entire database of e-mail addresses contained in our portal (which will certainly attract potential guests to your hotel).
- Unlimited editing of room prices.
- Unlimited ability to choose the best review is available immediately under the description of the hotel.
- Unlimited ability to add comments to reviews by tourists.
- Receipt of hotel rooms bookings from the site are sent via e-mail to the hotel. The email includes the name of the specific room, the price per room, the arrival date, number of guests, passport information, tourist contact details) and at the end of the month there is a summing up of room booking orders which give the commission returns as agreed for «OFHOTELS».
- Our administrators will translate the hotel’s description into Russian / English language and conduct optimization of the hotel’s listing for Russian-speaking tourists.

The second variant of hotel advertising space is the tariff called «Carefree» which is absolutely free for the hotel and includes the following services:
- Free editing / addition of the hotel listing in two languages (English / Russian).
- A hotel description, location, address block, information about the hotel site, paid / free services, attractions which are nearby, the distance to the airport, railway station, bus station, information about beaches and the way to the sea, the coastline, 12 pictures of the site + hotel logo + location of the hotel on Google Maps.
- Description of the rooms offered by the hotel + the price per room with 2 photos per each room.
- Advert placement of a single special offer for the hotel listing is duplicated at the top and bottom site menu tab «Offers» on all the «OFHOTELS» web pages. Daily special offers are sent automatically to all the e-mail addresses of our portal users.
- Advertising placement of one piece of news on the hotel’s site listing. All the daily news is automatically sent by our system to all the e-mail addresses of our portal users.
- A compulsory prerequisite for placing your hotel listing on «OFHOTELS» is that there will be a link to your hotel website with a code from our portal. After the completion of the process of adding a hotel listing, our administrators will translate the listing texts and optimize the description of the hotel for Russian tourists.
You can read more about the free tariff here at:

Extra services.
- Display of banner ads on the web pages of the tourist information portal «OFHOTELS», with a link direct to your hotel site or the page of your hotel in our directory, or any other (geo-targeting: Countries, cities, resorts).
1. Listing of top-visited pages of the site.
2. Right-centre banner on the main page
3. Left centre banner on the main page
4. Right banner on all pages except the hotel listing page
5. Bottom-page connections from all pages of the website.
– Sponsored photo-contests:
1. A choice of themes for the contest.
2. Setting the timing of the photo contest.
3. Setting the rules of the contest. With a description of the photo-contest made by the sponsor and the hotel’s name, logo and link to the hotel website.
- Initiation of such surveys are provided with reports on the results of the voting in the survey results.

In order to make use of any of the participation options, you must «Register». Visit this link for further information about registration:

Information about how to add a new hotel:

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