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ABKHAZIA - Republic of Abkhazia
ALBANIA - Republic of Albania
ALGERIA - Algerian People's Democratic Republic
ANDORRA - Principality of Andorra
ANGUILLA - British Overseas Territories
ANTARCTIDA - Does not belong to no one nation
ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA - Antigua and Barbuda
ARGENTINA - Argentine Republic
ARMENIA - Republic of Armenia
ARUBA - Island nation within the Kingdom of the Netherlands
AUSTRALIA - Commonwealth of Australia
AUSTRIA - Republic of Austria
AZERBAIJAN - Republic of Azerbaijan
BAHAMAS - Commonwealth of the Bahamas
BAHRAIN - Kingdom of Bahrain
BANGLADESH - People's Republic of Bangladesh
BARBADOS - State Koribskogo Basin
BELARUS - Republic of Belarus
BELGIUM - Kingdom of Belgium
BELIZE - Country in Central America
BENIN - Republic of Benin
BERMUDA ISLANDS - Overseas territory of the UK
BOLIVIA - Plurinational State of Bolivia
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Bosnia and Herzegovina
BOTSWANA - Republic of Botswana
BRAZIL - Federative Republic of Brazil
BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - British Overseas Territories
BRUNEI - State Brunei Darussalam
BULGARIA - The Republic of Bulgaria
BURKINA FASO - Burkina Faso
CAMBODIA - Kingdom of Cambodia
CAMEROON - Republic of Cameroon
CANADA - Canada
CAPE VERDE - Republic of Cape Verde
CAYMAN ISLANDS - British Overseas Territories
CHAD - Republic of Chad
CHILE - Republic of Chile
CHINA - Chinese People's Republic
COLOMBIA - Republic of Colombia
COMOROS - Union of Comoros
COOK ISLANDS - Associated state with New Zealand
COSTA RICA - Republic of Costa Rica
COTE D'IVOIRE - Republic of Cote d'Ivoire
CROATIA - Republic of Croatia
CUBA - Republic of Cuba
CURACAO - Island in Caribbean
CYPRUS - Republic of Cyprus
CZECH - Czech Republic
DENMARK - Kingdom of Denmark
DJIBOUTI - Republic of Djibouti
DOMINICANA - Dominican Republic
ECUADOR - Republic of Ecuador
EGYPT - Arab Republic of Egypt
SALVADOR - Republic of El Salvador
EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Republic of Equatorial Guinea
ESTONIA - Republic of Estonia
ETHIOPIA - Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
FIJI - Republic of the Fiji Islands
FINLAND - Republic of Finland
FRANCE - French Republic
FRENCH GUIANA - Overseas regions France
POLYNESIA - France overseas possessions
GABON - Gabonese Republic
GAMBIA - Republic of The Gambia
GEORGIA - Georgia
GERMANY - Federal Republic of Germany
GHANA - Republic of Ghana
GREECE - Hellenic Republic
GRENADA - Grenada
GUADELOUPE - Overseas department of France
GUATEMALA - Republic of Guatemala
GUINEA - Republic of Guinea
REPUBLIC OF HONDURAS - Republic of Honduras
HUNGARY - Republic of Hungary
ICELAND - Republic of Iceland
INDIA - Republic of India
INDONESIA - Republik of Indonesia
IRAN - Islamic Republic of Iran
IRAQ - Republic of Iraq
IRELAND - Republic of Ireland
ISRAEL - State of Israel
ITALIAN REPUBLIC - Italian Republic
JAMAICA - Jamaica
JAPAN - Japan
JORDAN - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
KAZAKHSTAN - Republic of Kazakhstan
KENYA - Republic of Kenya
KOREA - Republic of Korea
KUWAIT - State of Kuwait
KYRGYZSTAN - Kyrgyz Republic
LAOS - Lao People's Democratic Republic
LATVIA - Republic of Latvia
LEBANON - Republic of Lebanon
LIBYA - Libyan Republic
LIECHTENSTEIN - Principality of Liechtenstein
LITHUANIA - Lithuanian Republic
LUXEMBOURG - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
MACEDONIA - Republic of Macedonia
MADAGASCAR - Republic of Madagascar
MALAYSIA - Malaysia
MALDIVES - Hotels in Maldives
MALTA - Republic of Malta
MARIANA ISLANDS - Mariana Islands
MAROCCO - Kingdom of Marocco
MARTINIQUE - Overseas department of France
MAURITIUS - Republic of Mauritius
MEXICO - United Mexican States
MOLDOVA - Republic of Moldova
MONAKO - Principality of Monaco
MONGOLIA - Mongolia
MONTENEGRO - Montenegro
MOZAMBIQUE - Republic of Mozambique
MYANMAR - Republic of Union of Myanmar
NAMIBIA - Republic of Namibia
NEDERLANDSE ANTILLEN - Netherlands Antilles
NEPAL - Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
NETHERLANDS - Kingdom of Netherlands
NEW CALEDONIA - France overseas possessions
NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand
NICARAGUA - Republic of Nicaragua
NIGERIA - Federal Republic of Nigeria
NORWAY - Kingdom of Norway
OMAN - Sultanate of Oman
PAKISTAN - Islamic Republic of Pakistan
PALAU - Republic of Palau
PALESTINE - State of Palestine
PANAMA - Republic of Panama
PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Independent State of Papua New Guinea
PARAGUAY - Republic of Paraguay
PERU - Republic of Peru
PHILIPPINES - Republic of Philippines
POLAND - Republic of Poland
PORTUGAL - Portuguese Republic
PUERTO RICO - Unincorporated organized territory of the United States
QATAR - State of Qatar
REUNION - Overseas regions France
ROMANIA - Romania
RUSSIA - Russian Federation
SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS - Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
SAINT LUCIA - Saint Lucia
SAINT MARTIN - France overseas possessions
SAN MARINO - Republic of San Marino
SAUDI ARABIA - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
SENEGAL - Republic of Senegal
SERBIA - Republic of Serbia
SEYCHELLES - Republic of Seychelles
SINGAPORE - Republic of Singapore
SLOVAKIA - Slovak Republic
SLOVENIA - Republic of Slovenia
SOUTH AFRICA - Republic of South Africa
SPAIN - Kingdom of Spain
SRI LANKA - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
SUDAN - Republic of Sudan
SURINAME - Republic of Suriname
SWAZILAND - Kingdom of Swaziland
SWEDEN - Kingdom of Sweden
SWITZERLAND - Swiss Confederation
SYRIA - Syrian Arab Republic
TAIWAN - Republic of China
TAJIKISTAN - Republic of Tajikistan
TANZANIA - United Republic of Tanzania
THAILAND - Kingdom of Thailand
TOGO - Togolese Republic
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
TUNISIA - Republic of Tunisia
TURKEY - Republic of Turkey
TURKMENISTAN - Turkmenistan
TURKS AND CAICOS ISLAND - British Overseas Territories
UAE - United Arab Emirates
UGANDA - Republic of Uganda
UKRAINE - Ukraine
UNITED KINGDOM - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
URUGUAY - Oriental Republic of Uruguay
U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS - Unincorporated organized territory of the United States
USA - United States of America
UZBEKISTAN - Republic of Uzbekistan
VANUATU - Republic of Vanuatu
VENEZUELA - Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
VIETNAM - Socialist Republic of Vietnam
YEMEN - Republic of Yemen
ZAMBIA - Republic of Zambia
ZIMBABWE - Republic of Zimbabwe
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